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Screen printing with Sunlight Stencils.

Welcome to the Home of Sunlight Stencils with screen printing supplies to suite every one.

*Made by old school experts for the new, innovative artist*   Gallery

Thank you for choosing the home of Sunlight Stencils.

Your fastest, easiest and most affordable method of silk screen printing in the UK.

Our stencils are made in the UK and the only manufacturer in the world to supply them in a wide range of mesh counts.

Trust the home of sunlight stencils experts.

Having worked in the silk screen printing industry for over 40 years,

we are now proud to offer you a stencil that can be exposed using sunlight and water.

Develop in water, in sunlight or all year round using our small, affordable UV led exposure unit.

Choose from a range of products for use in various methods of craft and screen printing.

From Pre-coated Stencils and Custom made Stencils for you, to Aluminium screens, wooden squeegees and Inks.

You’ll find what you need right here.

For more info on the features of the Sunlight Stencil, click here

Step by step guide links:
Creating your Sunlight Stencil
Framing your Sunlight Stencil

Sunlight Stencils are the future. Join us on this journey. Gallery

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