About Sunlight stencils welcomes you to our friendly easy to follow web store, tuition, Also basic screen print supplies enough to get you started.

Its easier to screen print than many people realize.
Using Sunlight Stencils, when all the hard work of preparing a stencil has been eliminated, it really is very easy.

Along with your Stencil, you do not need much more than a squeegee, some ink, sunshine and tap water.

Having worked in the fashion and textile decorating industry since 1974,

I have taught silkscreen printing, stencil coating, graphics and film application on the shop floor since 2004.

Having acquired about a lifetime of knowledge,

I have developed Sunlight Stencils for those who are just getting acquainted with the idea of screen printing and forming that idea into reality.

Over the last 44 years i have found that screen printers are a community

of artists, tattooists, teachers, creators, doers, makers, entrepreneurs, business owners and crafters (to name a few).

Sunlight stencil sheets now have a 12 month use by date.
Using my affordable Sunlight Stencils, can help you bring your ideas to life and make some money along the way!
We also stock wide range of screen printing supplies to help you screen print that unique and creative design.

From screen printing equipment to printing kits.

Make your stencils day or night. print on to fabric. wood. card, plastic, metal, vinyl, ceramics, clay, glass.

Screen Printing Kit to custom make mesh stencils day or night.

  • Step by step guide on creating and framing your stencil.
  • 1 14″x 14″ UV LED Exposure  glass Unit
  • 1 UV e27 light bulb
    2  A4 x 55t1  Stencil Sheets,  2 x A4  43T Stencil Sheets,  2 x A4  77 T Stencil Sheets
  • 2  A4 x 90 t, 2 A4 x120t
    6 Sheets A4 Film, 1 x Sunlight Pen , 1 x SPONGE
    1 x 6″ Squeegee, 6 x mixing sticks, 1 x Rigid frame, 6 x Flexible Frames
  • 1 x  Super Cover water-based ink and 1 standard water-based ink
    10 Mixing Pots

Screen Printing Kit Stencil sheet

DIY Custom Craft Red Sunlight Stencils, Test pack

This pack of Pre coated Mesh Screens Red research and Test sunlight stencils 10pk
Contains stencil sheets in 4 different mesh counts.
Since there are many variables involved in silk screen printing we cant tell you exactly what mesh sizes are used for what applications.
These stencil sheets CAN BE CUT to any size ,in subdued light, which you can trial and test your designs. on different mesh counts.
This achieve the best quality print.
However we can give you a general outline of what size Stencil Sheet to use for certain types of printing.