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Sunlight Stencil Gallery
Sunlight Stencil Gallery
Sunlight Stencil Gallery
Sunlight Stencil Gallery

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Sunlight ink opaque 200ml
Sunlight ink opaque
screen-sensation-myos-280Red120T sunlight stencil
Sunlight ink opaque
Screen Printing Supplies uk

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Meredith Bradley City in Bloom Ceramics 175 Laredo Dr Decatur, GA 30030-2207 United States (US) Hey, Just wanted to let you know I received the screens last week and was able to burn some today. They came out great - super excited excited to have found your company. Thank you again! Meredith

Design by Aude Massoni France

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stencil by Aude

Hello ! Just some feedback about my order, I received it this week and already made some first test and it is very easy and even for my first trial it went very very well, can't wait to start printing with it ! thanks again for the bulb as well, it is what I used at home mounted on a lamp and it was very practical. I'm very happy because for now it was impossible to find similar product here in France 🙂 I send you some photos ! have a nice day, Aude

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