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screen print at home? How much does it cost

How much does it cost to screen print at home?

Screen print at home

Screen print at home like any other manufacturing process and calculates cost on volume.

Typically if under 24 pcs you would pay retail pricing for the print and with the shirt and mark up you can pay from 12–20 depending on the shirt.

If you can get up to high hundreds to thousands you can get it down in the 6–9 range depending on the shirt.

However If you have shirts to print, your cheapest cost is a 1 color print.

Every color needs a screen and separation, so multi color designs in print cost a lot more.

The typical nightmare scenario for a screen printer is a customer who wants a 10 color print on one shirt.

Direct to Garment ink jet printers have an advantage here.

In a nutshell, cost is related to volume.

Silk screen printing

Be prepared to pay for separation art to be done, screen costs either charged or amortized into the number of prints,

set up charges apply if the order isn’t big enough, and then custom ink colors can also cost.

It takes longer to do the separations, screens, and set up than it does to print 300 shirts quite often.

Digital print machines are 4 color machines,

which combine colors and print over the fabric like these:

Single color, gradient printing it might cost you around 200-300 per print and if you print in quantity.

Screen print at home  will cost you less per print.

It’s all to do with quantity each screen costs “X” more colours means more screens.

so if you give a fictitious price for each of £50 per screen £5 per T shirt £3 for workers time £3 profft (Just a guess)

1 t shirt with 4 colours costs 4 X screens + a T shirt + workers time + profit each (£211)

100 with 4 colours costs 4 screens divided by 100 + 100 T shirts +workers time + profit. (£13.00)

1,000 with 4 colours costs 4 screens divided by 1,000 + 1,000 T shirts +workers time + profit. (£11.20)

so the more you have the cheaper each is