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Aluminum Silk Screen 31x22


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Aluminum Silk Screen 31×22

Aluminium  Aluminum Silk Screen 31×22 ready to go. Professional quality.
The frame is 31 inches x 22″ classified  as an A1 size, perfect for A2+ images. the tension on the Swiss mesh is 25 newtons. the mesh has been glued to the frame using kiwo 1000′

Please choose the mesh count you need. here is a list to help you choose.
43t white mesh ,the most commonly used mesh count used for printing text and solid prints regarded as a course mesh.
55t white  mesh, used for printing onto light-colored fabrics with finer detail. It will hold a half tone dot 36 lines per inch
61t white mesh, top end mesh for water-based ink. It will hold a halftone 41 lines per inch. To print onto most paper textiles wood plastic glass ceramic.

77t yellow mesh fine line work and fine illustrations halftones 50 lines per inch. most solid substrates.
90t yellow mesh this is the common daddy mesh for half tones, 62 lines per inch. The basic all-round use for most inks onto most substrates. The waterbased inks will need a retarder with this mesh. use for under base for dark fabrics.
100t yellow mesh, same as the 90t but finer line work,
120t yellow mesh, same as above even more finer line work.

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