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Degreaser screen prep organic concentrate1-10


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Concentrate Degreaser dilute with water 1-10 of water

1000 ml of concentrate Degreaser prep organic for Screen Printing  contains wetting agent, dilute with water 1-10.

Screen concentrate Degreaser is a fast-drying formula that helps prevent “fish-eyes” in the emulsion on the screen and is great for prepping screens before recoating them with emulsion. Sunlight Screen Degreaser is tough on solvent residues and easy on the environment.

It is alcohol-free, non-caustic, and 100% biodegradable, making it essential for any screen printer.

It’s always very important to de-grease screens before you use them again as
How to use instructions, dilute with water. the wet screen on both sides with water.
Apply degreaser with a damp cloth and work into the screen on both sides.
Rinse off and dry ready for your next image to be applied

Also you can Spray degreaser on both side of the screen .

Agitate with a dedicated scrub pad .

Rinse thoroughly

A common mistake for beginners is to forget to prepare the screen properly.

Before you start coating or printing, make sure the screen is clean

Free of dust, grease, and debris by washing it with a soft sponge and some Screen concentrate Degreaser .

This will ensure that the emulsion Keys to the screen and the stencil does not break down during printing.

Then, use a screen filler to block out any areas that you don’t want to print. This will ensure  ink only goes where you want it to.

▶ Degreaser prep organic for Screen Printing Always keep out of the reach from children.

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