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Depp Ready to Print Stencil Original design


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Depp Ready to Print Stencil

Depp Ready to Print Stencil, ORIGINAL designs by  Local kent artist Gundelfinger. the Depp design is a 55t.
They are available in 3 sizes A5, A4, AND A3. our ready to go stencils can be used on many different products, surfaces, flat or round with many different inks and paint, over and over again.
They can use on porous and non-porous substrates. It includes textiles, glass, wood, paper, clay, ceramics, vinyl the list goes on and on. These designs have very fine detail which cannot duplicate using Maler hand-cut or plotter cutters.  Sunlight stencils are the only genuine photo stencils for talented artists to duplicate and showpiece their work.


  1. Today I’m printing on canvas tote bags I got at the craft store. You can screen print on many different surfaces, as long as you’ve chosen the correct type of ink for the surface. If you’re printing on fabric, iron to remove wrinkles.
  2. For best results, you’ll want to use a spray mount adhesive. Make sure to choose one that says “repositionable” or “removable” so it will be easy to clean out of the screen. Lightly spray the front of the stencil, and then press the stencil to the underside of the mesh screen.
  3. Add a border of masking tape on the back of the stencil for extra stability.
  4. Next mask off the front of the screen. I like to fold under the edge of the tape so it’s easier to remove.
  5. If you’re printing on a T-shirt or a bag, it’s a good idea to add a piece of poster board or cardboard between the layers to prevent bleed-through. Spray the cardboard, insert it between the layers, and smooth.
  6. Center the printing material beneath the screen. Tape to prevent shifting.
  7. I have a hinged screen, and it isn’t level since my printing material is so thick. So I’m going to loosen the wing nuts and add these furniture bumpers as spacers underneath the corners. Ideally, you want your screen to have a little give when you squeegee the paint. That is, it should touch the material fully when you apply pressure, and bounce back a little when pressure is released.

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