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Diazo Photo Emulsion 2-Part Diazo activator included.


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Sunlight Stencil Diazo Photo Emulsion

Diazo Photo Emulsion with a one-coat formulated to use with water-based screen printing inks.
Which  produces stencils with good resistance, good resolution, and edge definition.
Easily removed with stencil strip.
Our product comes in a 1-kilo bottle with a Diazo activator solution included.
Furthermore It stores in a light-free environment after the solution has activated for a 6-8 week shelf life


Diazo Photo Emulsion 2Part, Recommended Choice when printing using Plastisol inks or water based ink print runs.

Hazard Label free High in solids 44%, coat screen once Only on both sides.
Also produces stencils with good resistance, good resolution and edge definition.

Furthermore Easily removed with stencil strip.

This product comes in a 1 kilo bottle with Diazo activator solution included.

Also Once activated the solution has a 4-6 week shelf life if stored in a light free environment.

As a result produces stencils with excellent mechanical resistance,

Furthermore good resolution and edge definition,

With excellent solvent and water resistance.

Sunlight Stencils Diazo Photo Emulsion 2Part

Diazo Photo Emulsion 2Partis a universally resistant, Dual-Cure, high quality direct emulsion for a wide range of screen printing applications.
Used by screen printers of plastisol, water based  to print onto garments, jute bags, wallpapers and fine arts.

Diazo Photo Emulsion 2Part comes as a two part, dual cure emulsion and has a sachet of diazo sensitizer.

When mixing, please shake the sachet well and wearing gloves, cut along the cut line of the sachet.

Hold the sachet close to the emulsion and empty in, all of the diazo.

Mix together well until you see a complete colour change.

Leave to stand for at least two hours before using.


  • High durability Emulsion with a diazo sensitizer
  • Water and plastisol ink resistant
  • Medium/High solids with contrast Blue colour
  • Excellent edge definition


  • Suitable for long run print jobs with water based inks
  • Reliable and durable Photo Emulsion
  • Fewer coatings to achieve high build and faster drying
  • Easy reclaim with one of our Stencil Removers
  • Sharp images even on coarse meshes
  • Safer handling for operators

Finally Please download full Safety Data Sheet for full protection information.

Emulsion is best stored in a cool dark environment .

where adverse weather conditions do not occur.

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