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Screen Printing Emulsion remover Wiltshire


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Screen Printing Emulsion remover

Screen Printing Emulsion remover
▶ Removes all screen emulsions
Stencil Strip
▶ New Concentrated Formula is an environmentally safe and ecologically friendly organic emulsion stripper that is made using a natural iodine-based mineral salt.
It quickly removes all stencil emulsions and capillary films and can be diluted up to 1:10 with water

✅ How to use
▶ How to use instructions, dilute with water. wet screen on both sides with water.

Apply Emulsion Remover with a damp cloth on both sides.
Leave to soak for 3 mins.
▶ Then pressure wash off.
For health and safety you must wear eye protection and gloves when using this kit. Always keep out of the reach of children.

Always wear the correct PPE when using cleaning agents. A mask, glasses and chemical gloves are a must. 

Remove all ink off the screen

Apply with a brush to the emulsion on your screen

Using a high pressure washer, Rise both sides on the screen.

Flood with the entire screen with a low pressure rinse from top to bottom to activate the  Emulsion remover and remove any debris, splash back or residue.

If stubborn stains remain, Apply our  stain and haze remover.

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