Screen Printing exposure unit .uv led


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UV LED Exposure unit

Screen Printing exposure unit
When you want to burn your images at any time of the day or night.
50watt LED UV with black foam lid  the most accurate exposure unit on the planet.

Safe, Eco and user friendly.

Choice of 3 sizes. 14″X 14″ forA5 & A4 SUNLIGHT STENCILS.
24″X 20″ for exposing wooden or aluminium screens.

All 3 are single phase 220v table top units. that emit a  pure uv light at 365 nanos in length, blue fluorescent colour.
14″X14″ Exposure area is 50 watts, perfect for A5  and A4 Sunlight stencil sheets.

For pre stretched silk screen printing frames wooden or aluminum, what ever size ,

the lid can be removed, and an images  12″ x12″ can be burnt on that screen .

The PRINT SIDE of the frame  would have covered with a sheet of black card, black neoprene  or black foam ,

this stops any light deflecting between the glass, the film positive and the mesh  for a clean , sharp and scrip image burn .

The big advantage for a unit of this size is that you can expose and store 6 x A4 size different images

On one large screen that has internal dimensions of 24″ x36″ without having to spend 1000s of pounds.

Screen Printing exposure unit uv led

The 16″x20″ Sunlight exposure unit is 100 watt. Aluminum body 4mm toughened glass.
Perfect for our A3 Sunlight stencil sheets. Excellent for capturing half tones of up to 85lines/inch.

This unit, the lid can remove and large make frames with internal dimensions of 24″x 36″ can hold up to 3 x A3 size images.
Available from the 1st of march .The 24″X24″Sunlight uv led exposure unit is 200watt.

Furthermore this unit is made of an aluminum casing with a  stainless steel polished reflector.

It is using for exposing ready stretched silk screen printing frames measuring 24″x 20″ x 1 3/4″ profile.

The lid when closed completely covers and cushions the frame to achieve a sharp crisp image.

With this unit the lid can be removed and larger frames ca be mounted on the 4mm toughened glass.

3 year back to base warranty

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