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Screen Printing Ghost Buster Paste 250ml


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Screen Printing Ghost Buster Paste/liquid.
Screen Printing Ghost Buster Paste Very toxic chemical.. Stand alone PASTE REMOVER.

Mix this product thoroughly before using.

I Apply Haze paste Ghost Buster to the ink side of the screen.

Allow the coating to penetrate up to 5 minutes.

For tougher stains, brush product on both sides of the screen.

II Low pressure rinse (flood rinse with tap water pressure), removing all chemicals from screen.

This step protects the employees from caustic being splashed back.

During high pressure a highly effective screen.

Haze remover that quickly removes ghost images and stubborn screen stains.

A formulated blend of strong caustics and powerful solvents is supplied as a thickened liquid.

Which makes Screen Printing Ghost remover easier to brush onto the screen than a conventional paste.

Screen Printing Ghost Buster
An ink haze and stencil residue remover that is effective on most inks and emulsions. The efficiency depends on the age of the dried-in ink. Haze Remover Paste No. 78 does etch mesh surfaces.

To avoid premature rupture of your mesh, (especially worn or fine mesh), it is best to limit the application time to as short as necessary and never more than 10 minutes. Wear goggles and gloves.

Follow instructions carefully to avoid damaging mesh. Recommended for use with all Stencil systems on all mesh except natural silk and metalized polyester. For industrial use only. Very low alkaline content

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