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Screen Printing Kit 1 Colour A3 Liverpool


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Screen Printing Kit 1 Colour A3

Are you just starting out or upgrading from a Stencil Screen Printing Kit 1 Colour A3?

This kit is ideal for those wishing to print more detailed designs.

Coating your screen with emulsion and using an exposure unit, saves time on cutting with the knife.

5 Easy steps:

Print your design from your PC onto transparency.
Coat your emulsion and wait for it to dry. (a small domestic fan heater helps)
Expose your image using the Exposure unit in this kit. (You will need a sheet of glass bigger than your image)
Wash your image out
Ready to print!

The ink provided in the water-based kit is an air-drying ink.

Simply leave to dry or use a hairdryer and then iron over your print to make it wash proof.


•1 Colour printing press with A3 t-shirt platten board
•1 x UV Lamp Exposure bulb +lamp holder + black foam
•2x Aluminium Screens 16”x20” size with new 43T mesh
•1 x 12” Aluminium Coating Trough (to coat the screen with the emulsion)
•1 x 12” Wooden Squeegee with new blade (to print your image)
•5 x A4 Film to make your positives (to create your transparencies from your PC)
•1 Roll of masking Tape (for taping/masking the edges of your screen)
•6 Mixing Sticks (for mixing your ink)
•1 Kilo of 2-Part Emulsion (to coat your screen and create your stencil)
1 x Scrub Pad
6 x 280ml Water based inks:


6 x 280ml opaque Water-based inks:
10 x mixing pots
1 x Screen Reclaiming kit.


100ml of concentrate emulsion remover dilute with water 1-10.
Plus 100ml of concentrate Degreaser wetting agent dilute with water 1-10.
100ml of solvent Screen Wash. To remove plastisol ink and opaque Waterbased ink residue.
150ml of haze paste image ghosting remover. It works to increase strength when used with screen wash.

Description / Features / Specifications:

•Complete with Adjustable Printing Board 19.7″ *15.8″ (50*40cm)
•Printing board arm is adjustable left to right.
•Holds Screen Frame up to 3 inches deep.
•Two Adjustable handwheels for screen stability.
•Strong and robust
•Two Springs and tension adjusters for ease of screen elevation.
•Accurate positioning and good quality prints.
•Print onto t-shirts / pillowcases / fabric/ paper / other flat products.
•Printing board is adjustable and so can be changed to hold various other sizes boards.
•Stainless Steel made, convenient for cleaning and no rust.

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Note: to build your exposure unit you will need. The sheet of glass 22″x 26″, as this is not included in the kit.

Assembly and setup guide, Exposure guide and how to screen print guide. It will be emailed to the customer.

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