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Screen Printing Kit A4 red stencil mega kit

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A4 red stencil mega kit

Screen Printing Kit custom make mesh stencils day or night.

Step by step guide on creating and framing your stencil.

1 14″x 14″ UV LED Exposure  glass Unit1 UV e27 light bulb

2  A4 x 55t1, 43T, 77T, 90T, 120T  Stencil Sheets, 

10 Sheets A4 Film,

1 x Sunlight Pen ,

1 x SPONGE1 x 6″ Squeegee,

6 x mixing sticks,

1 x Rigid frame,

10x Flexible Frames1 x  Super Cover water-based ink and 1 standard water-based ink

10 Mixing Pots  1x roll of 2way tape.

Screen Printing  Stencil sheet Kit

DIY Custom Craft Red Sunlight Stencils, Test pack

This pack of Pre coated Mesh Screens Red research and Test sunlight stencils 10pk
Contains stencil sheets in 4 different mesh counts.
Since there are many variables involved in silk screen printing we cant tell you exactly what mesh sizes are used for what applications.
These stencil sheets CAN BE CUT to any size ,in subdued light, which you can trial and test your designs. on different mesh counts.
This achieve the best quality print.
However we can give you a general outline of what size Stencil Sheet to use for certain types of printing.

43t Pre coated Mesh Screens Red  in our Screen Printing Kit

2x43t sheets, Your basic and most standard mesh size is 43T,
Ideal for textiles, which lays a fairly thick layer of ink and is great for block text.
Perfect for opaque, water based, acrylic, plastisol and 3d inks.
Higher viscosity inks., solvents .Best for courser woven/knitted/ airtex substrates and fabrics
Excellent burning imaging properties
High definition for holding larger half tones (43T will hold 30 lines per inch,

55t Pre coated Mesh Red in our Screen Printing Kit

2x55t sheets allows for a slightly thinner layer of ink and also enables some finer detail in your image due to the finer mesh.
Perfect for light colored textiles, broader line work on wood, board ,plastic, clay and metal.
Use for a wide range of plastisol, water based and solvent based inks
High definition for holding larger half tones 55T will hold 36 lines per inch,

77t Pre coated Mesh Red   in our Screen Printing Kit

2x77t sheet allows for fine detailed images and thinner inks. a greater coverage is achieved.
Perfect for Glass, Ceramic, clay, Nylon bag, Vinyl, Poster, Paper, Plastic. Untreated wood.
Use for a wide range of plastisol, water based and solvent based inks
High definition for holding larger half tones 77T will hold 52 lines per inch,

90t Pre coated Mesh Red

2x90t sheets, Fine Detail, halftones, water base, CMYK process, simulated process, low ink usage
Very fine detail ,printed on to light colored substrates. Glass ,Mirrors, Clay, Ceramics, fine art Posters, Vinyl metal. paper wood.
Use for a wide range of plastisol, water based and solvent based inks
High definition for holding larger half tones 90T will hold 60 lines per inch,

120t Pre coated Mesh Red

2x120t sheets, will deliver detailed prints with a softer hand feel.
however, because they allow for lighter ink deposits, prints created with these fine screens won’t be as bright or vivid.
Use for a wide range of plastisol, water based and solvent based inks
Outstanding resistance for UV Inks printing onto CDs Excellent Half tone Photo Images.
High definition for holding larger half tones 120T will hold 65 lines per inch,

Photo Stencil properties

Excellent burning imaging properties
Pre coated stencils – Made by Sunlight Stencils.
No need for emulsion, screens, coating troughs and other equipment!
Simply expose your design onto this pre-coated stencil and then fix it to your frame using staples or tape.
Great for wrapping around cylindrical products or glass!

UV reactive stencil screen sheets exposure times

Blue sunlight stencil sheets,
Expose it to sunlight for 4 minutes .
If in the shade  expose it for 6 minutes.
With a uv exposure unit 3 minutes.

Red Sunlight Stencil Sheets
Exposing time in sunlight 30 SECONDS
Exposure in overcast 2 minutes
Exposing in UV exposure unit.30 Secs.

All red sunlight stencil sheets are compatible with the Screen Sensation MYOS 280

Working in a low-light area to prevent damage to the UV-reactive mesh,

lay a piece of  mesh on the opaque black plate,

place the design on top of the mesh,

then place the clear plate ( replace this with 2mm clear picture frame glass) on top of the design,

securely sandwiching the elements together.

Screen Sensation MYOS 280 exposure time.

Set the machine’s speed: setting 1 is the slowest , best for red sunlight stencils.

After selecting the speed, feed your sandwiched design into the machine, then the machine will automatically feed the plates through.

Once the plates have been fed through. Screen Sensation MYOS 280

Feed it through again.

Take the clear glass, plate and design off the mesh.

Now submerge the mesh into an opaque container of clean water for 10 seconds,

Start working in normal light conditions.

Lightly wipe the mesh with a sponge or  brush where the design has been exposed .

 The brushing will remove the UV-reactive material, leaving your design behind.

Sponge both sides of the mesh to fully expose your design.

You can also run a shower or running tap over the mesh to clear the image.

Leave your mesh to dry, making sure it is flat and not touching other screens.

Once the mesh is dry, it’s ready.

Photo Stencils Red

Ideal for the advance printer as these sheets are more forgiving when exposing
Use for plastisol and water based inks Also solvent and UV inks

Choosing the correct ink.
We highly recommend that you consult your ink supplier for advise on mesh counts .
We also recommend that the correct ink retarder is used with all air dry, solvent and water based inks,
When using 55t, 77t , 90t, and 120t mesh count stencil sheets.

Step by step guide links:
Creating  and framing, your Sunlight Stencil

Screen Printing Kit red



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