screen printing screenwash

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Screen printing screen wash

Screen Wash. to remove plastisol ink and opaque Water based ink residue.
How to use instructions. Card off all remaining ink off the Silk screen.

For Plastisol and solvent inks ,soak a small rag with screen wash and wipe all the ink off, allow screen to dry.
Water based ink scrape off, and place back in the pot. Wash screen down with water, under tap or hose. allow to dry then dab screen wash on a dry rag . Wipe off ink residue applying circular motions. leave screen to dry.
Screen cleaner is used after you’ve done your last print.

With water based inks you can use water and fairy liquid,
however screen cleaner will accelerate the clean up and help any of those tough bits without damaging the stencil.

We often use water & fairly liquid, but have the screen wash on the side and use it for the more difficult and stubborn bits!
It is a good all round general purpose screenwash for cleaning ink from silk screens immediately after printing, also for washing up prior to print breaks and also cleaning squeegees.

For health and safety you must wear eye protection and gloves when using this kit. Always keep out of the reach from children.

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