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Silk Screen Clamps Pair DIY Screen printing machine


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Silk Screen Clamps Pair

Silk Screen Clamps Pair for Printing from Sunlight Stencils.


Ideal for any designer or artist, heavy duty durable polished aluminum,

accurate and precise when printing.
Sunlight clamps sold in pairs, build your own silk screen printing business.

Will hold any size Sunlight tension frame firmly for 10,000 repeat print runs.
The Sunlight stencil jiffy clamps will clamp any wooden frame that a custom Sunlight stencil sheet has been attached to either by glue or staples.

They are so accurate that multi-color prints can be achieved with the correct print setup.

Home Screen Printing Jiffy Clamps Hinge Clamps

Sold Per Pair Great for building your own home screen print set
up – ideal as a hobby and a handy facility for any designer or artist to have in their home or workshop Screw directly
onto a desk or work surface, or create a pack-away print station by attaching to a portable base Heavy duty durable
aluminium clamps, that will hold any frame wooden or aluminium in place for you, time and again. Clamp surface is 60mm
wide, and will securely hold a frame depth of min: 12mm and max: 45mm Counter sunk screw holes 6mm diameter and 30mm
apart (centres) Opens up to 90 degrees

The world’s best professional quality screen clamps with an ‘in-cast’ large hardened pin

upon which the hinges move and which guarantees no screen movement during printing.

Sold per pair.

This is a sturdy hinge clamp, of cast construction.

It has a rugged grip for positive locking action, and a guide flange for perfect registration.

This hinge also offers a loose pin for single screen removal. Accommodates frame lumber from 1/2″ up to approximately 2 1/2″ thick. Screws included.

DIY Home Silk Screen Clamps Pair

Screw directly onto a desk or work surface.

Ideal as a hobby and a handy facility for any designer or artist.

Heavy duty durable aluminium clamps.

Accurate Precise Registration when Printing.

Pair. Heavy-duty zinc alloy. Easy to install, the clamp offers positive locking for registration.

This screen printing hinge is a heavy duty zinc alloy and features wide wing thumb screws for firm and easy fastening to the frame.

The clamp offers positive locking for registration and precise control.

Our easy to install. Hinges are 2.5″ wide and hold frame up to 2″ thick.

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