Silk screen dip tank


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The  Silk screen printing dip tank  is manufactured by Sunlight stencils from stainless  steel .
It is supplied complete with spill tray, lid  and drain tap..
The internal area large enough to take 8 35″ x 25″ frames .
The integrated hold down bar slides in any position..
Minimal space required to install, vital for any silk screen printing studio.
Increase production with less chemical usage, very cost effective to any silk screen printer novice or proffesional.
overall dimensions are. 45″ x 26.5″ x 21.
how to use

Stand tank on top of dip tray
Fill tank with water 200mm from top of hold down bar ledge.
Add  12lt of reclaiming liquid and mix thoroughly.
Alace up to 8 large  screens in the tank and pull the hold down bar across the top.
Allow screens to soak for 5 minutes. then remove them.
rinse off  both sides do not allow the reclaiming liquid to dry on the screens.
spray wash with a pressure washer.

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