silk screen Squeegee


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Wooden Squeegee by Sunlight Stencils
Wooden Handle Fitted with Medium Shore 75 Duro Blade
Other Sizes Available

Lightweight Handle
Perfect shape handle to fit in the palm of your hands
Makes the printing stroke easy to pull or push when screen printing.
Even on long print runs, you will not tire as you would using a traditional hardwood squeegee.
Your wrists and hands will be able to keep the same print angle stroke for hours.
The polyurethane blade is hard wearing and will not need sharpening for at least 10,000 prints.
Blade will not blister with harsher solvent based inks, such as Nylobag and Correx inks.
75shore blade is ideal for water based inks, hybrid and Plastisol ink, also for most solvent ink and paints.

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