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Silk Screen Your Design custom made screen


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Silk Screen YourDesign

Ready to print Silk Screen Your Design with a custom made pre exposed screens.
Custom made in kent.

Send us your design by email or post, with some information.

With the information, you are going to print onto and with what ink you will be using.

Then we will choose the right Sunlight pre-coated screen

The screen which burns your design on to so it is ready to print.
They are available in 5 sizes 12 x 16 , 16×20 , 20×24, 23×31 . 25×35

Our are ready-to-go stencils that can uses on many different flat product surfaces with many different inks.

It can be done with inks and paint, over and over again.
They can be used  on porous and nonporous substrates.

It includes textiles, glass wood, paper, clay, ceramics, vinyl the list goes on and on.

The Custom-made Sunlight pre-coated screens.

It can produce very fine detail which cannot match or duplicate using Maler hand cut or plotter cutters.

there are 8 choices of mesh to chose from.
Please allow 10 working days from receiving your camera-ready artwork to despatch day.

Looking to get your screen printing screens exposed by us? You’re in the right place.

Whilst achievable at home, exposing screens can take up time, space (but not much) and does need a bit of kit to do properly.

In our workshop, not only do we expose screens all day long for our own printing, we also expose screens for our customers.

For a custom screen you’ll need a couple of things before placing your order. 

1. Knowing what size screen and mesh count you need. 

You can find all the internal dimensions of our screens and a guide helping you choose the right mesh count, just choose your  Aluminium Screens.

2. Your artwork ready to go on a transparency. 

We need your artwork to be in Rich Black, on a sized A4 or A3 template and saved as a PDF.

3. To purchase a Silk Screen Your Design 

Just pop your selected screen in to the basket and then choose you exposure size here:

4. Complete your purchase and email your artwork to us.

We can check your artwork before your purchase the screen and the exposure that’s no problem, just email it over.

If you need to stock up on anything else, you can checkout for those items as the same time and the whole order will ship together.

pre exposed screens FAQ

Turnaround time is approximately 14 days from us receiving correct artwork.

The key to getting screens to expose smoothly is artwork preparation,

We know this can sound daunting and quite the ask if you’re not super graphics savvy, but it makes the process so much smoother and ultimately gets you the best possible finished product.

If you’ve any questions, we are only a phone call away and are more than happy to talk through the process.

Artwork struggles? If you’re struggling to convert your artwork to rich black, or a vector file you could use Fiverr – it’s a cheap and quick way to get it done by a professional.

Perfect if you’ve got a jpg or png or if you’ve hand drawn something and now need it recreated in vector format so it can be used to make a screen!

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