Sunlight art pen set


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Sunlight stencil film positive pen set.
Fast dying. A single touch for spotting pinholes ar shadow lines or anything unwanted on a positive  ina single swift pass. The sunlight opaque pen set covers completely with out retouching. 
They have a strong  affinity to film positives, they will not peel, blead or crack.
These opaque pens are uv resistant, they black the uv sun rays as well a the uv rays from the sunlight exposure unit. In this set are 4 different nib sizes to create  original artwork hand drawn on to any  clear film that cant be copied . 
The bull nose nib for filling in and fat lines 15t-77t sunlight stencil sheets.
The medium nib 2mm width lines, excellent for young children to work with. 15t-77y sunlight stencil sheets.
Fine nib ideal for line work of 2-3 pixels. 43t – 77tstencil sheets.
Ultra fine nib ideal for line work of1-1.2 pixels. 77t-55t sunlight stencil sheets.

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