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Sunlight Art Pen Set create art on film


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Sunlight Art Pen Set

Sunlight Art Pen Set ideal for Sunlight stencil film positive
Fast dying. A single touch for spotting pinholes or shadow lines or anything unwanted on a positive  in a single swift pass.

The sunlight art pen set covers completely without retouching.
They have a strong affinity to film positives, they will not peel, bleed or crack.
These opaque pens are UV resistant, they black the uv sun rays as well a the UV rays from the sunlight exposure unit.

In this set are 4 different nib sizes to create original artwork hand-drawn on to any clear film that cant be copied.
The bullnose nib for filling in and fat lines 15t-77t sunlight stencil sheets.
The medium nib 2mm width lines, excellent for young children to work with. 15t-77y sunlight stencil sheets.
Fine nib ideal for line work of 2-3 pixels. 43t – 77tstencil sheets.
Ultrafine nib ideal for line work of1-1.2 pixels. 77t-55t sunlight stencil sheets.

The opaque ink flows smoothly without spreading or blurring.

It will not crack or peel, and dries almost instantly.

Avoid leaving the pen uncapped for prolonged periods of time,

often the pen will recover when put to use again but no guaranteed.

Works with all of our inkjet Films

Red opaque pens

Blocking UV light,

alcohol-based, for preparing and retouching films before exposure.

Ink is fast-drying and does not peel or crack after drying.

Great for illustrating and sketching.
The brush tip makes it easy to create both narrow and wide lines
each  brush pen is approx 6″ (15cm) long
Featuring a soft nylon bristle tip,
Clean Color Real Brush imitates a real paint brush.
The tip is small, yet very flexible with great elasticity,
offering ultra-control for the use of fine detail work.
It can be blended just like traditional Rubynth film.
as with all images, the colours may vary slightly in real life as devices/displays vary

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