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Sunlight Ink Opaque 200ml super cover


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Sunlight Ink Opaque 200ml

Sunlight opaque is water-based screen printing ink  200ml pots enough to print 1000 A5 prints.
40 colours available, choose from the drop-down box.

They can print through 43t-55t sunlight stencil sheets and keep their opacity on dark substrates.
The OPAQUE sunlight ink is thicker than the standard range.

So the sunlight stencil must mount on a Flexi frame or hoop frame. Contact of 2mm has required it when printing.
Sunlight opaque ink does not dry on the stencil sheet when printing like other water based ink.

It can fully cure when applying heat at 160 deg for 2 min with an iron or heat gun or hairdryer to start the self-curing process.
The organic formulation allows sunlight opaque ink

to key to most substrates, fabric, card, wood,  and card. very soft feel when fully cured.

Opaque sunlight ink colors are specifically designed to provide excellent coverage, opacity and definition over dark fabrics.

Using advanced polymer technology sunlight stencils has created a water-based screen printing ink

That provides unsurpassed color opacity on the darkest fabrics,

while maintaining minimal  soft hand feel.

Available in 40  Colors, Black, White, First Down White,  4 Metallic Colors 

No need for an under-base .

Which improves adhesion and rub-resistance of the top layer.

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