Sunlight Silkscreen Kit


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Sunlight Silkscreen Kit

Sunlight Silkscreen Kit, Printing starter 16×20″ A3
For the first time ever a silkscreen printing starter kit, that is chemical-free. to create your stencil.
No more guessing thickness of emulsion coating.
Not guessing distance from the light source.
NO dodgy halogen exposure unit to explode in your face.
This is what you will receive in this kit.
2  16″x 20″ precoated aluminum silk screens. They can be stored up to 12 months before you decide to use them. CHOOSE  YOUR


1  black exposure foam to fit inside the Silkscreens.
1 Pair of silk screen clamps, attached to a print board  18″x22″
4 A4 sunlight films to create your film positively.
5. Sunlight opaque pen to hand create your artwork.
6. 12″ Wooden handle square-cut blade squeegee.
7. masking tape.
8. 25 wooden mixing sticks.
9. Sheet of 4mm toughened glass 20″x24″. To burn your image using sunlight.

Finally 6 X 200ML of standard sunlight water-based ink of your choice. to print your designs.
Note. In the 20×24 kit, the squeegee will be 15″, the film will be A3 size, the print board will be 22″x26″ and the black foam will fit inside the 20×24 screens.
In the 21″x33″ kit, the squeegee will be 18″, the film will be a2 size , the print board will be 23″x35″ and the black foam will fit inside the 21×33 screens.
The  sheet of 4mm toughened glass will be 23″x35″

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