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Sunlight stencil Red 90t pack10 stencil pro


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Sunlight stencil Red 90t pack10

Sunlight stencil Red120t pack10 sheets
12 months use by date
Burn images  using sunlight in 30 seconds. or overcast in 2 mins.

Please use the drop down option above to select an A5, A4 or A3 Sunlight Stencil sheet

Do you need help with choosing mesh counts and colour?

Sunlight stencil Red 90t pack10 sheets are available in a wide range of sizes

This mesh lays small text and logos down with crisp lines and simulates process work.

If your mesh is solid enough, it can use to lay down bright and vibrant colors.

That is saying, this is your best bet for a soft light-colored print.

Some white ink can still use but large fields of it screams trouble.

In some cases, the reducer or retarder need to decrease the risk of clogging those small holes.

Here is a general outline of what size Stencil Sheet to use for your printing needs.

Your basic and most standard mesh size is 43T,

which lays a fairly thick layer of ink and is great for block text.

A 55T Sunlight Stencil sheet, also allows for a slightly thinner layer of ink and also enables some finer detail in your image due to the finer mesh.

A 15T Sunlight Stencil sheet is used for Glitter, shimmer and inks that have a high viscosity.
The glitter particles will not usually pass through a mesh count of higher than 15T.
Therefore you need a lower mesh count with larger holes.

A 77T Sunlight Stencil A3 sheet allows for fine detailed images and thinner inks.

These sheets can hold larger half tone dots.Choosing the right Stencil sheet for the best print.
15T – Beach towels, Pennant inks, 3D inks, Glitters and Shimmers.

Higher viscosity inks.43T – Textile, solvents and water based inks. Opaque inks.

Best for courser woven/knitted/airtex substrates and fabrics.55T – fabrics, paper, wood, plastics, glass.77T – Fine detailed artwork.

Half tones.  Paper & Board.  Textiles. We offer stencil sheets.

Sunlight stencil Red120t pack10 sheets

Use for a wide range of plastisol, water based and solvent based inks
Outstanding resistance for UV Inks printing onto CDs
Excellent burning imaging properties
High definition for holding larger half tones (43T will hold 30 lines per inch, 55T will hold 36 lines per inch, 77T will hold 60 lines per inch, 120t will hold 65 lines per inch)
4 minutes exposing time in sunlight

6 minutes exposing in overcast

3 mins in uv exposure unit.

Red Sunlight Stencil 55T sheets

Ideal for the novice printer as this sheet is more forgiving when exposing
Use for plastisol and water based inks

Also solvent and UV inks

Choosing the correct ink.
We highly recommend that you consult your ink supplier for advise on mesh counts .

Step by step guide links:
Creating your Sunlight Stencil
Framing your Sunlight Stencil

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