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Washout/ Store Booth UV and chemical resistance


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Sunlight washout or Store booth

Sunlight washout/ store booth, complete with lid.
Made from black polypropylene. UV and chemical resistance.
Storing your Sunlight stencils for maximum shelf life helps to eliminate any exposure problems.

Keep in a cool dry place.
The Sunlight storage/washout booth makes clearing your image easy,

no water mess all contained in this one unit.
Once your sunlight stencil has been washed and the image cleared,

pour the water down the drain, wipe it dry,

and back to store all your sunlight stencil screen printing equipment neat and tidy.

Sunlight washout/ store booth

Which is so durable that the boxes are almost unbreakable.

also extremely lightweight, which makes the boxes easy to handle when full.

The boxes are also stackable making them easy to store and transport.

Also completely dishwasher safe,

so all boxes can be put through commercial dishwashers.

At the end of their lifecycle, all the boxes can be fully recycled.

We work on a general rule of internal = minimum and external = maximum.

Measurement on our boxes are accurate for A4 sheets

We measure them as accurately as we can,

but they are an approximation, and are there only to act as a guide.

Boxes are generally moulded to stack and nest and most will taper towards the bottom of the box.

The internal measurements are the minimum measurements from the bottom of the box,

and not always a true reflection of the box volume.

We measure them this way so you can see if your item is going to fit in the box.

The external measurements are the maximum measurements of the box,

so you can see if the box will fit in a particular space.

When you are storing your unopened stencil sheets, place the box in a dark cool dry place.



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