Water-based Screen printing Ink, use on light colors


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Sunlight Ink 200ML

Water-based screenprinting Ink standard 4 light colours

Can be printed through 43t-77t sunlight stencil sheets.
This ink formulates to print onto white and pastel colors that other inks cannot match.

Actually, it uses for sharpness and vibrancy.
The tubs of Sunlight Ink 200ml have enough ink to print 1000 A5 prints.
Sunlight ink does not dry quickly like other water-based ink which makes it the best ink on the market for the novice,

No more clogging in between runs, works like process  Plastisol ink.

Screen Printing Water based ink 200ML

For textile printing, you can either choose a water based screen printing ink or plastisol inks.

Water based inks use water as the solvent, this is why they are definitely easier to clean.

They are best suited to light coloured garments whereas discharge are best suited to 100% cotton dark garments.

While these inks can be cured with heat guns or flash dryers,

Most printers recommend curing  in conveyor dryers or heat press

because of the length of time it takes to dry the prints.

Also  perform a wash test of a trial  to be sure that your  Print has been properly cured.


The difference between plastisol ink and water-based ink is especially evident when it comes to curing.

If you are just beginning to print with water-based ink,

you will need to learn some curing basics to master the art of creating water-based prints that are colorfast.

How Water-based Screen printing Ink cures

However, the ink must be brought, and held at the curing temperature long enough, to evaporate all of the water out of the ink.

Once the water has evaporated

The binder and pigment in the ink begin to cure and hold fast to the fibers in the substrate.

As with any ink, proper curing involves following the ink manufacturer’s recommendations.

When curing most water based prints, that means heating the print to 300 to 320 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 to 3 minutes.


There are a few other considerations to keep in mind to ensure that your prints cure properly.

First, be sure that you are not applying too much ink to your substrates.

Excess  ink doesn’t serve to make your prints any bolder

Because there is only so much ink that the fibers of your substrate will hold.

In addition to leading to wasted ink and money,

Over applying the  ink.

Can lead to much longer cure times because of the amount of water that will have to be evaporated from the print

To apply the ideal amount of water based ink, use a mesh screen with a count around 55T.

Water-based Screen printing Ink

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