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UV LED Exposure unit

UV Exposure units for silk screen printers offer great value in a truly professional package. Screen printing exposure units  create the best quality artwork and even the entry level screen printing exposure units from Sunlight stencils offers this feature at a very affordable price point. Also known as Ultra Violet Exposure Units and UV Light Boxes are widely used to expose  polymer hot foil and letter press plates. The machines are also suitable for Pad printing clichés, PCB Boards, Sandblasting & Glass Etching Stencils, Cyanotype. Also for exposing screens as used in screen printing. For high quality work, we would recommend a UV Exposure Unit with built in vacuum for better contact between artwork and items to be exposed. We supply a variety of exposure systems, from all in one (self contained units) for mid-sized to large print shops. Also to table top units ideal for premises with less space available. UV exposure units, or UV exposure lights, are devices that give out UV (Ultra Violet) light at concentrated levels. UV exposure units are used with photo sensitive material to create PCBs (printed circuit boards). They are also used for hot foil polymer plates and making signs. They are ideal for treating larger pieces of work in one go. Our UV exposure unit cases are  made from aluminum for additional strength . Although Multiple UV bulbs for great UV coverage.  The lid of a exposure unit may contain a pressure pad to help keep the artwork and photo sensitive material together. How do UV exposure units work? The exposure unit usually features a base and a lid. UV bulbs can sit within the base of the unit, within the lid, or both. Once the exposure unit is closed encased UV lamps, which lay underneath clear glass or plastic, emit rays of UV light which is typically a purple light. However  UV light then makes with a desired surface, usually used for drying, curing or treating. Finally. Where might I use one? To treat artwork like paintings or designs Screen printing Industrial sector products that require UV treatment to them Drying rooms Laboratories

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