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What do you need for screen printing?

What do you need for screen printing? Silk Screen Starter kit

What do you need for screen printing? Silk Screen Starter kit 16×20, is excellent value for money. Giving hours of interest and fun whilst learning the basics of screen printing. With this table top hinge kit, you can print a multitude of various substrates . Paper, wood, t shirts, plastics, canvas and much more.

Let your imagination go wild and start screen printing today. Maybe those gig posters, stag/hen do t shirts, or even print your own Tote bag designs. For you and your friends. , Everything you need to screen print is in the box. The outstanding quality inside this box is second to none. If you want to print like a pro, then you’ll be very happy with this choice of high quality products.


Furthermore Silk Screen Starter kit 16×20 practical Table Top screen hinge clamps are used in the manual screen printing process, and are an inexpensive but functional alternative to screen printing machines.
Fix your frame easily with these Table Top screen hinge clamps.


Frame brackets can be fastened with two screws/bolts to any table, worktop or counter-tops. Therefore the jiffy brackets feature a swivel function with a locking wing nut action, giving an extra strong grip on your screen frame. Customers can buy this product in our webshop.
Screen Hinge Clamps should be used with screen frames with a frame profile of 1.5 cm to 4 cm depth  16 x 20 ,24″ x 20″, 23″ x 31″ and 25″ x 36″ outside Silk screen dimensions.


Hinge clamps are an ideal start up option for printing a multitude of different items such as T-shirts, posters, panels, wood, glass etc.
This kit is more substantial than the current craft kits on the market. Purchase this and you will be well on your way to forming your own business.The perfect purchase for any budding screen printer or an ideal birthday or Christmas present for artistic loved ones. Our Screen Printing Packages include excellent consumables needed to get printing your own designs at home. You will also find  refill consumables  to add to your kit at any time.

Silk Screen Starter kit 16×20

Consequently gives you extra power to screen print four  five or 6 colours on paper  The next-level  Silk screen Printing starter kit comes equipped with extra screen printing supplies, pro led uv exposure unit  needed to burn images on pre coated screens for multi coloured printed T-Shirts.

Silk Screen Starter kit 16x20t,

Equipped with all of the essential ultra-premium tools needed to make multi-color screen prints. Silk Screen Starter kit includes: a superior, full articulation enabled,  screen printing clamps capable of gripping  screens ; an instructional manual, designed to teach you how to print like a pro; jars of water based formulated to create crisp multi-color prints on transfer paper .you do not need  eco-friendly cleaners, developed to make cleanup easy and safe. All you need is water , a perfectly sized squeegee, to push ink smoothly across the durable pre-stretched pre coated  screens. In addition, our knowledgeable support team is always standing by to answer any questions you may have.


All environmentally safe products that can be used in your home or business environment. The training manual will walk you through how to use these products in your home or business.

Silk Screen Starter kit 16×20, the ink that comes with the  Kit is a water based ink. With water based ink you can print on uncoated wood and paper. You can also print on textiles like cotton, 50/50 and canvas with this ink.


Thickness of emulsion coating. No more guessing

Distance from light source. No more guessing

NO dodgy halogen exposure unit to explode in your face.

Fabrics for Screen Printing

When it comes to screen printing, natural fabrics seem to do better than synthetic ones. Simply because they absorb liquids better, leaving a vibrant print behind. The second group is usually made out of plastic and oil, which have a tendency to repel water. Since they are very small particles, you’d still be able to print somewhat onto them, but the result won’t be as spectacular as it could be.

Furthermore you don’t know what kind of fabric to pick, stick to cotton. It is the absolute king. Understandably, you won’t always be able to use 100% cotton since they tend to be more expensive. Then your second best choice would be a blend of cotton with something like polyester. 80% – 20%, 70% – 30%, 50% – 50% — the more cotton it has, the better the end result will be.

Finally keep in mind that even if you use 100% cotton, the end result may vary depending on the consistency of the fabric. Thicker materials are heavier and tend to absorb more ink, resulting in rich colours that will outlast those of thinner materials. Finer and shinier fabrics absorb less ink which results in a ‘washed out’ print.   

MANUAL  Silk Screen Starter kit

As the name implies, this process is done by hand . Above all It can be performed by just one person or for better results, by two people. One person uses the squeegee, while the other one holds the screen, for example. The quality of the garments is not affected if it’s done by hand or by machine, in fact, some people may argue that the manual labour has a better finish since it is done with more care.