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Aluminium Coating Trough Europe


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Screen printing coating trough

Quality Aluminium Coating Trough Europe.

Used to coat screens with Photographic Emulsion.

Double edged coating trough with extra support grooves:

shaped to allow the weight of the coating trough to be supported

by the thumb, the palm and all four fingers for a steady and even coat.

Various Sizes Available:

8 Inch
12 Inch
15 Inch
18 Inch

Aluminium Coating Trough

Features a dual sided coating edge for either a sharp edge thin coat for higher mesh counts,
or a rounded dull edge for coating lower mesh count screens.

Easy to hold, comfort when handling
Sits easily on flat surfaces between coats
Holds a good amount of emulsion for lengthy coating sessions
Complete with ‘snap-on’ injection molded end caps
Easy to clean
No leaking
Various sizes available

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